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Sunday, 16 December 2012

P.No.   4.6:- 100m³ of water is pumped from a reservoir into a tank, 10m higher than the reservoir, in 20 minutes. Find
       (a)  The increase in P.E
       (b)  The power delivered by the pump.
Given data:-
                 Volume of water   = V =     100m³
                  Height                  = h =      10m
                   Time taken          = t =      20min   =   20 × 60s   = 1200s
To determine:-
                          Potential energy =   P.E =?
                           Power                 =   P    =?
 ( we know that work done is equal to change in energy it may be kinetic or potential but  in this case only P.E is involved. So,)
                 Work done = Increase in P.E     
                                    = mgh
                To determine mass ‘m’ we first take
                     Density = mass/volume
   Or,                 ρ = m/V

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