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Friday, 12 April 2013

M.C.Q's Chapter No 13 Current Electricity 2nd year

Q.No.1: - Tick the correct answer.                        Mark 10
(i) Which type of energy is stored in a cell?
(a) Heat energy       (b) Potential energy     (c) Kinetic Energy        (d) Chemical energy
(ii) The pattern of magnetic field formed around a straight conductor is
(a) Circular              (b) elliptical                 (c) bar magnetic            (d) non of these
(iii) We can find resistance from the Ohm law by using the relation
(a) R=VI                  (b) R=V/I                     (c) V=IR                       (d) No of these
(iv) When the resistors are connected in series then the equivalent resistance will be equal to the
(a) sum of resistances   (b) sum of the reciprocal of all the resistances (c) average of the resistances (d) zero
(v) the units of conductivity is
(a) (ohm.m)-1           (b) mho.m-1                 (c) m.ohm-1                    (d) both (a) and (b)
(vi) The resistivity is directly proportional to the
(a) Square of the area of the conductor (b) inverse of the resistance of the conductor
(c) Inverse of length of conductor (d) current of the conductor
(vii) On the resistor the silver band shows the tolerance of
(a) 5%                    (b) 7%                          (c) 10%                          (d) 20%
(viii) The power dissipation in a resistor is equal to
(a) P=VI                (b) P=V2I                     (c) P=R2I                       (d) P=V2/I
(ix) The resistance of a resistor with color code first “red” second “violet” third “orange” forth “silver”
(a) 47000 Ω           (b) 4000 Ω                    (c) 2700 Ω                     (d) 3700 Ω
(x) The color code of “Yellow” on a resistor is
(a) 1                       (b)4                               (c)8                                  (d) 3 

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