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Friday, 12 April 2013

Test F.Sc Physics Chapter no.3 and 4 short questions

Q.No.2: -Write the answer of the following questions.   2   x     10
(i) Prove that the units of impulse and momentum is same.
(ii) State isolated system and also describe that why is it important for law of conservation of momentum?
(iii) If two balls collide and after collision the magnitude of their velocities will remain same but their direction changes. Explain which type of collision both the balls will suffer.
(iv) Let two balls collide in such a way that their collision is perfectly elastic and both the balls are of same mass and the velocity of second ball is zero. Find the velocities of both the balls after collision?
(v) If you move with a bag in your hand and you move in the forward direction then what will be work done by your force and gravitational force? Explain it.

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