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Friday, 12 April 2013

Test F.Sc Physics 1st year Chapter No.3 and 4. M.C.Qs

(i) The dimensions of impulse is that of
(a) Power            (b) velocity             (c) momentum            (d) acceleration
(ii) The time rate of change of momentum is called
(a) Velocity          (b) distance             (c) momentum           (d) force
(iii) The time rate of change speed is called
(a) Acceleration     (b) jerk                  (d) velocity                 (d) non of these
(iv) When we projected the ball with some velocity vi at an angle with the x-axis then the value of velocity at the highest point of its flight will be equal to its
(a) x-component    (b) y-component    (c) (d) non of these
(v) At which angle the range of projectile will be equal

(a) ϴ=450 , 300      (a) ϴ=300 , 600      (a) ϴ=600, 900            (d) non of these
(v) We can calculate the momentum by using

(vi) The work done will be zero if ϴ is
(a) 2700, 900            (b) 00, 1800            (b) 900, 00             (b) 00, 3600
(vii) The work done by gravitational force is
(a) Independent of path (d) dependent of path(c) both (a) and (b).
(d) Non of these
(viii) The dimension of power is

(ix) is the dimension of
(a) Power                 (b) velocity                (c) work                  (d) K.E
(x) The absolute P.E at infinite distance will be
(a) ∞                         (b) 0                            (c) maximum            (d) non of these

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