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Friday, 12 April 2013

Short Questions for fsc 2nd year 13 chapter current electricity

Q.No.2: -Write the brief answers of the following questions.  Attempt Any 4  (mark 8)
(i) Why does the resistance of a conductor rise with temperature?
(ii) Do bends in a wire affects its electrical resistance?
(iii) Is the filament resistance lower or higher in a 500W, 220V light bulb in a 100W bulb?
(iv) How the heat produced when current flows in a conductor, on which factors the heat of the resistance depends?
(v) Define ohm law. Why the ohmic device doesn’t exist?
(vi) Draw the graph between current and voltage for semiconductor diode and also describe that why the graph turn towards current axis and not toward the voltage axis?
(vii) Define current also write its unit.

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